In the world of content marketing, Neil Patel is a well known influencer & Digital Marketing Mastermind helping big & small companies to grow their business online. He was one of the top 100 bloggers as listed by Technorati. Wall Street Journal considers him as one of the most influential content marketing expert. He’s the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar & KISSmetrics.

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How to Organize Blog Marketing Strategies for Best Results?

blogging secrets -infographic

Have your organized the marketing strategy you follow for your blog in a well defined form?

Blog marketing isn’t just a part, but more like an essential requirement for growth of blogging businesses.

Researches show that not every blogger & marketer has a well-defined, documented strategy.

But it’s needed for sure.

Do you follow such an organized form of marketing strategy?

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I.C.B.R Strategy: Actionable Blog Marketing to Get Thousands of Social Shares

blog marketing


Are you a blogger, content marketer or a social media strategist?

Maintaining your blog with creation of useful, valuable content for your readership is what you must be doing since the very start of your journey in the bloggosphere.

But blog marketing? Have you thought about it?

Even the content with highest value can’t reach the maximum readership if it isn’t backed by strategic blog marketing efforts.

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5 Most Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid


Are you a beginner or established blogger, or the one who wants to step into the bloggosphere with the help of available ‘blogging secrets’?


You must be aware of the impact & role of Social Media platforms in the growth of blogs.

Popularity of social media channels can be leveraged to grow your blog by spreading awareness through updates, tweets etc.

The more popular you can grow over channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc., the more traffic you can direct to your own blog.

And as a business growth strategy, the gained visitors can be turned to subscribers, & then to paid customers.


Do you know that businesses of almost all kinds are growing their customer base with Social media strategies?

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