The Complete Guide to Guest Blogging

The Complete Guide to Guest Blogging

Most of the time, beginner bloggers and even the experienced one work on creating content for their own blogs. But when they look for posting their content to other blogs and websites that accepts guest posts, it is called guest blogging.

Along with regularly posting content to their blog, it is also possible to grow blog traffic with guest blogging, no matter if it takes some of your time.

Guest posting is one of the prominent strategies followed by even the influencers to further increase the blog traffic and readership.

Do you want to know how to start with guest blogging? This post makes up the complete guide to guest blogging that will cover almost everything you need to know about the related benefits.


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5 Mistakes Bloggers Make While Monetizing Their Blogs

Common Blogging mistakes

Let’s start here with the most basic fact of why people start their blogs in several different niches: make money blogging.

They read about people making thousands or even millions of dollars through blogging. They get inspired and dive in.

People are making full time income through their blogs, and that’s truth!

Whether you’re beginner willing to become a blogger or someone well past the basic stage of being a bloggers, you should know the mistakes bloggers make while monetizing their blogs.

But they are doing it by following a well defined blogging strategy. They know how to market their blog well so that more and more people can reach out to them through the content they create or through the informational products they offer.

In this post, I’ll be covering 5 such most common mistakes bloggers and content marketers make while doing their part for a full-time online income.

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Actionable Blogging – Repurposing Your Blog Content for a Relaunch

repurpose content for a relaunch

Not every blog post or its content you have created for your blog gets the expected results, not for beginner bloggers at least.
Number of likes and shares on social media, number of subscribers and backlinks, content of your blog is expected to give it all to you.
But what if it has once not been able to do that?
Can it be relaunched to yield better results?
In this post, I’ll be covering an actionable blogging strategy to repurpose your blog content for a relaunch.


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[Expert RoundUp] 11 Expert’s Insights On Actionable Content Marketing

Actionable Content Marketing - Expert Round up

Most of the bloggers and marketers know well that actionable content marketing is vast term comprising of blend of actionable content and effective marketing strategies.

It is mainly based on how well you can tap into the minds of your audience so that they feel that the value has been served through your blog.

Experts and influencers in this field share their insights on how to market content for growth of businesses. And in all such insights, the key discussed is about actionable content marketing, about how to engage audience with content and increase sales.

Surveys are done all around to sum up the key factors responsible to drive best results through content marketing.

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Lead Magnets for Email List Building – More Subscribers in Less Time

Lead Magnets for Email List Building


If you are having a website where you blog about a specific niche you excel in, you must have thought of growing it into a blogging business some day. You would be selling an informational course or one-to-one coaching to your prospective clients.

But to whom should you offer what you serve through your blog?

Experts say ‘Money is in the list’. So, have you been able to build a long list of email subscribers?

You can use lead magnets for email list building.


Don’t know how?

This valuable blog post will help you grow your blog through email list building.

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